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Parks and Meade Partner, Attorney Darren Meade, won a major case before the Ohio Supreme Court this past week. With a combination of extensive legal research, persuasive writing, and effective oral argument, Meade swung a 4-3 decision in his client’s favor.

The ruling will have a major impact not only on a Parks and Meade’s client, but on felony sentencing throughout Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court agreed with Meade that the Ohio felony sentencing laws, as written, do not permit a felony prison term suspended for probation to be run consecutive (“back to back”) with a prison sentence actually imposed.

For Mr. Meade’s client, that means a six month sentence in a lock-down facility has been vacated. Perhaps even more importantly, the client’s five (5) year suspended prison sentence (to be served on probation) has been thrown out!

In response to the ruling, Meade stated: “I always knew the odds were against us in this case, but likewise always believed we had a shot so long as we presented our argument effectively, and refused to hold back on the hard work necessary to win.”

Meade further lauded Parks and Meade Law Clerk Andrea “Andi” Lawson for her absolutely invaluable research and writing assistance in this case. Andi will be joining Parks and Meade as its first associate attorney once she passes the bar exam.

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