Alimony/Spousal Support

Alimony / Spousal Support

Whether your marriage lasted 3 years or 53 years, facing divorce is frightening. Adding to that stress is the unknown of going from a dual income household to a single income. As you are going through your divorce, you need a legal team you can rely on to alleviate anxiety as it relates to spousal support.

Spousal support basics

Under Ohio law, spousal support is the payments made from one spouse to the other spouse during and/or after the divorce proceedings. Alimony is a term used in other states. Either spouse can be ordered to pay support to the other spouse. This is based on income and resources, not gender.

Courts will order spousal support either when temporary spousal support is requested, or if spousal support is a part of the final order.

determine the alimony that is best for you

Many of our clients gave up a career to support their family and are frightened as to what the future holds. Divorce law in Ohio calls for an equitable division of the household income. We can help you receive the support you need to see you through reentering the work force after your divorce.

Attorney Kelly Parks with sit with you to fully understand your specific situation and determine the alimony that is best for you. These are a few of the more common contributing factors:

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How long does spousal support last?

Permanent spousal support does not always mean permanent. Support can end on a specific date, can continue indefinitely, or can end if the receiving spouse triggers a specific condition, such as remarrying. Courts tend to prefer that there be a specific end date, but if indefinite support is warranted, the judge can order it.

Can spousal support be modified or ended?

Yes. The court can include in the initial order that the court retains jurisdiction to hear any motion requesting a modification of the existing award. The spouses can also agree to make the order modifiable. Often, the trigger for a modification is a change in circumstances that could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time the original decree was made.

In Ohio there are two different forms of alimony:

We will review all options with you prior to making any decisions. Once you are awarded alimony, it can be modified if there is a justified reason, such as a substantial change in circumstance or if a former spouse has gotten remarried. Alimony can be complicated, do not try to navigate these complex waters alone. We are committed to providing you a positive experience all while seamlessly handling the meticulous details.

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