What are child custody parental rights?


In Ohio, the question of parental rights is governed by a concept called the best interest standard. That means that any court that is looking at who should have custody of a child is going to be asking the question, “what is in the child’s best interest”. That does not mean they are asking what is fair to mom or fair to dad; they’re asking what is best for the child. This question has a lot of factors involved in it that the judge and the attorneys for both sides are going to be looking at and arguing.

You should sit down and speak with an experienced family law attorney so that they can explain to you how these best interest factors work and what evidence is going to be important to show to the court so that you can ensure and protect that your children have the best parenting possible. Read more about parental rights on our website here: https://parksandmeade.com/family-law-…

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