FAQ What is a healthcare power of attorney?


A healthcare power of attorney is a legal document in Ohio that allows you to name an agent or a set of agents that are going to make healthcare related decisions on your behalf, and potentially also be able to view your medical records to aid them in making those decisions for you in the event that you become incapacitated and are unable, or in other words, not awake to be able to make these decisions for yourself.

Generally, this document will empower them to make whatever medical decisions are necessary. Though it is important to note that you can absolutely include specific instructions on one on what that agent may or may not be allowed to make decisions for. So for example, you may wish to include instructions on how long your agent must wait before removing you from life support, or if you have religious reasons for wanting or not wanting specific kinds of care. Those are instructions that you include in your document.

You should always meet with an experienced estate planning attorney before signing any kind of health care power of attorney so that you know exactly what you are empowering someone else to do in regards to your body. You can learn more about living wills and power of attorney on our website here: https://parksandmeade.com/best-estate…

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